What are the official Colors of Mardi Gras?

Purple – Royalty & Justice
Green – Love or Faith
Gold – Purity of Purpose, Loyalty
and Power

What does Mardi Gras mean?

Fat Tuesday

What is Carnival?

Refers to the long celebration which
begins 12 days after Christmas with
the 12th night celebration and ends
on Fat Tuesday.

When does Mardi Gras Start?

Mardi Gras can occur on any Tuesday
from Feb. 3 through Mar. 9.
Mardi Gras is always scheduled 46
days proceeding Easter (the 40 Days
of Lent, plus 6 Sundays)

What is a Krewe?

Krewes (Carnival Clubs) are chartered
as non-profit entities.

How to send photo’s for Mardi Gras website?

All Photo’s must contain to Port Arthur Mardi Gras.
Subject Line must have Date of Photo’s.
Body Line must contain release of photo
to be post in Mardi Gras Web Site.
Photo content must be clean.
Webmaster makes final decision on all photo’s.
Photo’s must be in .jpg or .gif format
Webmaster will modify photo to fit pages.
Send to Webmaster via Email.

Parking ?

Parking is available in surrounding areas close to the Festival Grounds on city streets and lots.  There are several paid parking lots operated by private owners that are nearby.  SEE BELOW

How to Contact the Official Mardi Gras Office?


Where is the Official Mardi Gras Store?

Best bead selection in town and while your there check out the Official T-shirts, posters, hats, decorations, jewelry, cups, etc.  Open 10 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday during the Mardi Gras Season.

3830 Hwy 365 Port Arthur, Texas

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